Deluxe 4 Star Hotel Design with High Level of Simplicity

Speaking of hotel quality, there are numerous 4 star hotel design ideas available around the world. Every hotel must have its own feature, facility and something to attract the guests and tourists for staying longer. One of those hotels is called NU Hotel. This 4 star hotel is elegant with unique windows and shutter completing the exterior side of the hotel. Generally, this 4 star hotel was constructed with much of simplicity. And this simplicity is displayed elegantly on exterior and interior of it.

Well, the NU Hotel was recently completed by Nisi Magnoni. This Italian architect completed this 4 star hotel room design with 38 rooms to accommodate hundreds of guests at the same time. With those unique windows and wooden shutters, expectedly, each guest bedroom is designed in small space. We can see some hotel room interior samples in the pictures after this. Now, let’s check some public facility given by the NU Hotel.

Restaurant is one of very comfortable areas constructed inside the NU Hotel. This dining area is furnished with luxurious wooden dining table and chairs. Transparent glass bottles, a vase and some glasses become nice and simple centerpiece on the top of rounded wooden table. This dining area may be the most romantic room in the hotel since it is illuminated by a mount of gorgeous pendants. The pendants are hung on the ceiling randomly to give lighting just like star light for the entire part of dining area.

Other public areas are also available for conference and taking breakfast and dinner with cool transparency concept of interior. Now, talking about 4 star hotel interior design of bedroom, everybody would love the appearance of the resting room so much. It is true that the bedroom is quite small. Yet, Nisi Magnoni understands how to maximize this small space while please the guest as well.

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